Dirty Grandpa Review

Dirty Grandpa is a movie starring Zac Efron and Robert De Niro.

This movie is about an uptight new lawyer that works at his dads firm and is about to get married to a stuck up gal that tells him what to do and he just goes with it.

The movie Stars Robert De Niro who plays Efron’s grandpa who has recently lost his wife and is trying his best to cope with the loss.

I did not think I was going to like this movie but it actually had a few good laughs. De Niro plays a good dirty grandpa with his eagerness to sleep with younger women and Efron’s unwillingness to see that his soon to be wife is controlling him like a puppet.

Case in point is where she needs his “manly” SUV and she makes him drive himself and his grandpa to Florida in her pink “girly” car.  If I were him I would have got a limo like one from Limo Service Minneapolis so that they could ride in style and get to where they need to go without any worries.

The movie starts pretty slow to me but picks up in the middle but then dies again towards the end. I sort of knew what was coming before the big reveal of him falling in love with another woman after reconnecting with a long lost college classmate.

Like a lot of the new aged movies, there is drugs, sex, violence, stupid-ness and outright weird ass shit that goes on.

Efron has definitely done well in the gym as of recently because he has come a long way since his weak ass look in High School Musical! He has hit the gym and puts 90% of adults to shame with his muscles and appeal. Props to that Troy Bolton  :)

The movie is something I would wait to see on Netflix or on redbox on a lonely Friday night with a beer or 5 to help get through it. You will laugh at times but I don’t think this one is going down as a “must see”!

Either way check it out and let me know what you think…

Dirty Grandpa Review on January 19, 2016 rated 1.9 of 5

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